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A Fib

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(Atrial fibrillation)
Atrial fibrillation (AF or A-fib) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm), and involves the two upp...
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Common A Fib treatments discussed around the web
Amiodarone 2,235 Sotalol 2,034 Metoprolol 1,370
68,963 conversations around the web about A Fib to help you make a decision
68,963 conversations around the web about A Fib to help you make a decision
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A Fib & Taurine

We found 107 discussions
" I've been taking taurine in the hopes of preventing Atrial Fibrillation. I don't take the arginine ...notice any adverse effects from taurine and I haven't had Afib since starting it, bu... "

" for over 12 months to normalise my afib with much success for over 12 months. Recently bp has become high, sometimes 160 on 100. Sotalol... "

" ...getting more via food. My palpitations have ceased since then. I started taking Mg and Taurine after reading about them on ...- no MD recommendations. I've had no Afib since I started on them.... "

" ...of my EP. I have not tried taurine...interested to know if anyone thinks they can tell a benefit. I'm not sure if the potassium and magnesium have made any difference in my a fib......but... "

" ...I noticed the difference. I still get frequent bouts of Afib, but not as high rate or for as long. Yes, I dread the fall/winter because if I get allergies or bronchitis I don't know... "

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" ...intolerance and Hoshimoto's and Atrial Fibrillation. I found in a ...uses cysteine to make taurine, the body's heartbeat regulator, used as a neurotransmitter. A taurine deficiency state can be... "

" that Magnesium, Potassium, and Taurine are the big 3 for ...into the vitamin route. I am too lazy to chart the effect ...refine how much. Besides, I am in afib all the time and can't... "

" ...many bananas. I have had A-Fib for many years and over ...for 3 months and I haven't had an episode since. A frriend of ...I haven't had experience with Taurine. I'm glad you are getting... "

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" ...a few years, but that is how I remember it. Hope to never repeat it. Then of course they run the test, and document it. That's how it was for me. Once at the Dr. office, once at the hospital. ... "

" ...magnesium calm and Taurine and I take ...violent episodes of Afib... "

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