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A Fib

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(Atrial fibrillation)
Atrial fibrillation (AF or A-fib) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm), and involves the two upp...
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Common A Fib treatments discussed around the web
Amiodarone 2,253 Sotalol 2,037 Metoprolol 1,374
69,414 conversations around the web about A Fib to help you make a decision
69,414 conversations around the web about A Fib to help you make a decision
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A Fib & Leg Weakness

0.16% of the posts that mention Leg Weakness also mention A Fib (15 posts)
Leg Weakness
A Fib
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Leg Weakness
We found 15 discussions
" ...with flecainide. It controlled my afib, but caused neurological problems that immediately went away when I discontinued the drug. I experienced tremors and weakness in my legs, causing... "

" ...on coumaden. He had a very small stroke (confirmed by an ...that he started experiencing leg weakness mid-January. He goes to anyway. (He has dual valves, chronic a-fib, and a severe... "

" ...tremors in my head and hands. I had a terrible fall on a city street because of the muscle weakness in my legs. These symptoms all went away when I stopped taking the Flecainide. After the... "

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" ...can cause fatigue but usually not leg weakness . The other... "

" ...weakness. I have been on Multaq for 1 month. I have had no ablations, was on flecanide before. I am taking 25 mg metoprolol twice a day. I had not had any problems with a-fib or flutter since... "

" ...visit today. That would explain his lack of energy and weakness. He is a fall risk because of his leg weakness. He is on such large doses of Plavid that he bleeds out whenever he falls. Weighin... "

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" ...the beta and calcium channel blockers are responsible for controlling my symptoms to the point that I feel normal and must take my pulse to see if I am still in afib. (My primary care... "

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" ...and long standing history of atrial fibrillation comes to the emergency department ...arm and right sided leg weakness. He has not taken ...In this gentleman with atrial fibrillation what is ... "

" ...acute back problems. Even with leg weakness from the back stuff and ...didn't have any exercise shortcomings, just some recently acquired Afib in response to my enlarged left ventricle. I had... "

" ...was in chronic a-fib. Needless to say, ...From a TIA, small stroke, leg weakness, blood in his urine, antibiotics, hypertension, tricuspid valve issues, atrial fib, pulmonary embolism.....the ... "

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