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A Fib

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(Atrial fibrillation)
Atrial fibrillation (AF or A-fib) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm), and involves the two upp...
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Common A Fib treatments discussed around the web
Amiodarone 2,253 Sotalol 2,037 Metoprolol 1,374
69,411 conversations around the web about A Fib to help you make a decision
69,411 conversations around the web about A Fib to help you make a decision
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A Fib & Heart Attack

2.14% of the posts that mention A Fib also mention Heart Attack (1,486 posts)
A Fib
Heart Attack
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Heart Attack
We found 1,486 discussions
" ...greater chance of dying from heart attack or stroke. Fortunately, I have ...should be addressed besides the afib. Any doctor who just treats afib without examining all other possibilities,... "

" ...very strong, light headed....just palin yucky. Its now 6 pm and still have it. I am on tikosyn and all the other precautionary stuff but I am freaking out. I have a very long list of cardiac... "

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" ...old female who had a heart attack 26 yrs ago at the age ...have been told that I am going into A-fib? I have amonitor on now see an electrophysiologist. I am quite confused how and wh... "

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" ...father is incontinent, has nephrostomy due to kidney failure, has serious mobility issues, heart attack, metastatic prostate cancer. My mother has mobility issues, chronic afib and can't get aroun... "

" ...a major heart attack, two stents now taking Plavix and Coumadin. (I also have AFib). Cardiologist said I really should be on Plavix the rest of my life. Coumadin more questionable but five... "

" I'm 25 and have afib but was told my heart ...are all clean but everyday I swear I'm having a heart attack..its had but with the right help I'm sure you... "

" Hi there, I have Diffuse Large B Cell Non Hogkins Lymphoma and also had a heart attack in 1992 and a double 2009. I also have atrial fibrillation and diabetes. I was diagnosed... "

" ...Atrial fibrillation as well ...I have been in normal sinus rhythm since. One of his conditions for taking me off the warfarin was that I was to take 325 mg (one normal adult tablet) of aspirin d... "

" ...stay at or under at rest, but they found out strict rate control isn't that important. From what I have read, people with very sporadiv afib like you take aspirin. I have heard any thing from 81... "

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" ...i was hospitilized with a-fib i have a family history of heart attacks i lost my dad and 2 brothers to heart attacks they were all under age 39 i am on atentol 50 mg pravachol 20 mg and k-dur... "

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